Wasted Space in Public Transport

Public transport is not perfect. Everyone knows that. Nonetheless, it is a great thing to have.

It has its flaws. It can be too full, dirty, late, or don't come at all (Hello Deutsche Bahn). But the biggest one is, as edgy as it sounds, the passengers. To be more specific, how they treat each other. Whether on purpose or not.

They can be loud, not friendly, and anti-social in general.

Being anti-social in public transport can go two ways, not including being an asshole. Either taking up a free seat with their bag or not taking a free seat and standing. Either way, it makes an already stuffed vehicle appear even fuller.

Please make space when needed. Your bag can fit on your lap. Please try to occupy every seat and don't waste space.

I know it can be challenging. You could have a bad day and don't want a stranger sitting beside you. You could be too shy. You could have different reasons. Either way, please make the experience bearable for us all. Thank you.