Programming Languages

What even makes a programming language bad? As long as the language gives you the tools to complete a task it does its job.

Can a language be worse than another one? Sure. But It almost always depends on the task. And even then, a suboptimal language might do fine.

There is no bad language, at least among the ones with widespread usage. Saying that a language is good or bad is almost always subjective. Like this take, if we're honest.

I realized that I could enjoy Java. I had the same thought about PHP one year ago. The reason is that I love writing code. And at the end of the day, the language doesn't matter.

What matters most is how familiar one is with a language and if it has characteristics one prefers.

I'm so thankful for everything that led me towards software development. I hope SCRUM and full-time work won't ruin this for me.