I’d Like an AI for Buying Clothes

An AI sifting through tons of products sounds so sweet. It doesn't even have to know what kind of clothing and designs I like. It would already be a blessing to be able to avoid clothing I won't like.

I buy my clothes used. It's great for finding unique and interesting designs and it is one of the greenest ways to get new clothes. If it's in person and local it's likely the greenest.

Unfortunately, I am still too introverted to visit a flea market or a second-hand shop by myself. And my friends don't care about these things. Again, unfortunately.

The only remaining option for buying clothes myself is the Internet. The problem is that a lot of clothes and their designs are, well, not good.

That's where an AI could improve the experience. Filtering out everything that I don't like and leaving the rest to me.

Getting recommendations won't work that well. It's difficult to know what I like without knowing about its existence. But I can tell that a shirt with a logo slapped on and nothing else is not my jam.

AI should enhance experiences. A tool like this would be a great use for it.